Read about Marc Marquez – World champion!

image for Marc Marquez - world championIt’s official – Marc Marquez is the world champion in MotoGP series, the world’s most prestigious motorcycling competition. What a great achievement for this young fellow. Marquez, who counts only twenty candles on his birthday cake has taken on some of the greatest names in MotoGP ever, and won.

Youngest world champion

Marc Marquez is the youngest world champion in MotoGP, lifting the trophy with only 20 years behind him. Though everybody kind of expected Marc to fight for upper places in final standings, no one could have imagined that young Spanish is going to make precedent and beat greatnesses of Moto sport, like Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

The debut season and yet a champion

Whether you know it already or not, this fact is worth mentioning. It’s that Marc Marquez is the youngest champion but also he is the first to win this prestigious title in debut season, after famous Kenny Roberts did it back in 78’. With this being said, Marquez is expected to have glorious career in front of him. Not even Valentino Rossi (the icon of Moto sport), wasn’t proclaimed as such a talent. Indeed, Marc has all conditions to be a true legend of MotoGP. Great times are ahead of this fellow and it’s only up to him and his team to prove this achievement in the years to come.

Final standings

Race in Spanish city of Valencia was the breaking point. Believe it or not, it’s the last race of the season and only four points are separating champion from second placed Jorge Lorenzo. This season was unbelievable both for Marquez and his team, and for fans of this sport. Finishing third in Valencia, Marquez gathered enough points to maintain first place in final standings, though Lorenzo won this race.

All about Marc Marquez records

As Marc Marquez joined the scene, he has begun to se all sorts of records even if some of them are not the traditional records at all. The first one and a quite notable one at that is the fall that Marc Marquez suffered during his MotoGp practice run. He crashed at the speed of over 200 miles per hour, meaning his record was the fastest Moto GP crash. Alt hough he probably does not brag about that one, he deserved that record :).

Marc Marquez 5

A notable victory for Marquez was the record he set in Circuit of the Americas, where he set one of his best records, beating his teammate as well as being the very first twenty year old that won the competition, beating out the previous holder of the record by 10 years! Thats right. 10 years!

The next great record that Marc Marquez set was a five consecutive win streak as the youngest Grand prix winner. Because of the young age, Marc has a chance to se quite few records!about Marc Marquez records

There are quite a few other notable victories and titles that Marc Marquez earned during his short career. Most are due to his young age and have been given due to his rookie status. He seems to have lost it though, since winning so many Grand Prix races has probably convinced most fans of the sport to see Marc as a competent, ambitious and skilled rider. I doubg anyone, even the older guys would dare call him a rookie after the season he just had.

Wikipedia holds a lot more records this rider has set, but i found the listed ones to be the most notable. What can I say, I was very impressed by Marc this season and he seems to be getting not only more skilled and experienced as the time goes, but also more  confident.

What do you, the readers think? What is your favorite Marc Marquez record?

Marc Marquez Crash videos

Marc Marquez is well known for his aggressive riding style from his Moto2 days, something that has become prominent when he bolted past Jorge Lorenzo and caused him to get off the racetrask. The recent series of Marc Marquez Crash is further testimony to his reckless style.

Marc Marquez crash

Mugello Crash

The first prominent Marc Marquez crash in MotoGp came during a practice session in Mugello, Italy. Marquez lost control of his bike, sliding into the grassy sidetrack but escaping any serious injuries. This was the first one for him in Mugello, at a speed of 175mph. The rider was non-committal as to whether he would be ready in time for the actual race and stated after a particular hill, he tried to use his brakes but failed to do so. His bike was in too much momentum would not stop, heading towards the wall which resulted in him jumping off it. He said that he hit his chin badly but his shoulders and hands were safe from any fatal damage.